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Does your horse carry their head too high? Let's fix it!




If your horse is carrying his or her head too high then there might be a solid reason for it. Jeff Wadman, Professional Horse Trainer for Wadman Performance Horses, goes through the aspects of a horse's body that need to be in great shape for responding to your cues. Sometimes the horse’s neck is so tight it robs the back muscles of strength and from being able to relax the neck. This is considered bad posture for a horse. Even horse’s with less than perfect conformation can attain strong back muscles. Then join Jeff in the saddle where he shows you how to bend and flex your horse so that their neck will start to relax and lower. Take the neck from side to side again and again until you see them become flexible without fighting your cues. Then try to pull their chin in little by little. The horse does not have to have their chin stuck to their chest or dragging on the ground to be relaxed, but this will test how much flexibility and relaxation they carry in their neck. Sometimes the problem may be that the horse is bracing for a strong hand on the rider’s part. Be soft with your hands and stronger with your legs so your horse is not having to have a strong neck to protect themselves from your strong hand. By using your legs and your hands you can make your horse travel more comfortably and to use their back end to propel their body. Your horse will start to lower their head as you implement these tips. These tips from Jeff will help you create a more conducive environment for your horse to lower their head and perform better.