Our Story

From the rugged mountains of Utah we founded this company to provide a smart boot with high quality sports medicine design along with a whole line of horse equipment and provide the best value in the industry.  

At Zebra Equine Technologies we realize the monumental expense that goes into taking care of and protecting your horse. Zebra ET is owned and staffed by horse owners and competitors in rodeo and other equine events. We are a trusted supplier in providing you with the leading edge of technology in sports medicine boots for your horse.

Passionate About Horse Care

Our Values

Our values begin and end with the love and the bond between horse and rider. The horse will do all it is asked to do and we are building a company whose products intend to give riders the knowledge and understanding of the very best in horse care.

Our Company

Our company was founded and built by passionate horse riders, trainers and veterinarians whose total respect for animals has led to the development of knowledge, training, information and products that better protect the animals we all love.

Our Promise

Stated simply, we promise the horse and rider that we will always do our best to provide the knowledge of how to protect and prolong the vitality of a horse’s legs. Ignorance is not an option. If heat is produced and trapped by standard, ages-old boots, then it’s time to change boots. Time for innovation. Time for disruption.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help assure horse trainers, competitors, and weekend riders that they may have the tools available to maximize training and minimize potential risk for short and long-term injury by providing potential solutions based products that maximize protection, safety and the well being of competitive horses. 

Here To Serve You

Providing solutions to protect competitive horses


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