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Horse boot design has not changed much over the last 60 years. Materials that trap the heat and poor attempts to ventilate these materials has not worked to keep the horse’s leg temperature under safe levels. The impact materials in these boots have poor protection qualities as well. As a smart boot, the Z Boot offers the most essential things to protect our horses: cooling cells that pull heat from the horse’s leg, bluetooth temperature reading to your smartphone, and multi-impact protection technology.

The Z Boot is a smart boot designed after the typical sports medicine horse boot that helps protect a horse during competition or exercise of any kind. Specifically, the Z Boot contains cooling cells that pulls heat from the horse’s leg, contains a bluetooth sensor that reports accurate temperatures to an app on your smartphone, and has highly protective padding technology. 

It is natural for the horse’s muscles and tendons to warm up during exercise. The horse should be warm when doing a workout so muscles and tendons can have flexibility. Horse’s lower legs are slender and built with very little muscle so they can have minimal resistance as they are running and moving around. Horses can run fast and are agile since they have powerful upper bodies and slender legs. With little muscle in their lower legs blood flow is not as prevalent. Blood flow acts as a coolant to the tendons and muscles that are in the leg. Tendons can heat to dangerously high temperatures depending on how hard they exercise and on what horse boots or wraps are being used.

The lower leg of the horse is susceptible to tendon, ligament, and bone injuries during competition and exercise. Tendon injuries due to heat or impact may cause permanent damage since healed tendon fibers are more brittle and weaker than the original fibers. Only the best boot offering protection from heat and impact should be used.

Using horse boots or bell boots is highly recommended when exercising or when the horse can scratch or injure the lower leg. Horse’s legs can be damaged permanently if impact occurs to the bone or tendon. Horse boots are cheap insurance for taking care of our horses. So use them often. 

No. Most horse boots are made from insulating materials that cause heat to increase in the leg which can be dangerous to the horse. Also the padding in most horse boots are ineffective and can allow trauma to damage the horse’s leg. The Z Boot contains cooling cells that pull the heat from the horse’s leg and reports those accurate temperatures to you on an app on your smartphone. The Z Boot contains high impact protection technology which is ⅓ as thick as most competitors padding but 10 times stronger. 

The Z Boot is designed to soak up the heat from the horse’s leg. If the Z Boot is left in a hot environment, ie. the cab of a truck during the summer time, then the boot will soak up the surrounding heat. The cooling cells have a max point where they cannot soak up any more heat. When this happens the boots can be soaked in water for a matter of minutes and let dry to “recharge” the cooling cells. In typical circumstances the cooling cells can soak up heat for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Any horse exercise where there is the chance that a horse’s hoof or leg might come into contact with an opposite leg. A horseshoe coming in contact with a horse’s tendon may cause detrimental damage. Please protect your horse’s leg in any event where they may get injured. Horse boots are cheap insurance. Any situation where the horse’s lower extremities have the potential of being exposed to dirt, rocks, or even its legs hitting each other would be appropriate for boots to maximum its protection.

Most of the time wearing boots on trail rides is unnecessary. Some trails have brush and limbs and rocks the horse can hurt themselves on. Wearing Z Boots on your horse during these types of trail rides may not only protect them from being hit by these obstacles, but the Z Boot may help the horse’s leg to not get too hot during the ride.

Since the Z Boot has cooling cells and a bluetooth sensor you can leave the boot on the horse to monitor the horse’s leg temperature. However, it is recommended that you take the boots off the horse while the horse is resting and put them back on once you are going to use the horse again.

The life of a horse boot is dependent on many factors. Horse trainers who wear one set of boots on multiple horses daily will wear out boots quicker than the weekend rider. It is important to clean and take care of horse boots after every use to ensure they last as long as possible. Boots should be replaced when showing signs of tearing, ripping, or the straps don’t hold securely to the boot. Typically, a boot’s material, structure, and hook and loop straps will last from 2-8 months depending on the factors above.

Do not overtighten boots or wraps on a horse’s leg since blood flow can be restricted by the boot if it is too tight. Under-tightening can cause the boot to move during exercise and could be bothersome to the horse and cause possible injury. A good rule of thumb in placing the boot is to insert two fingers against the horse’s tendon under the top strap. Your two fingers should fit comfortably inside the strapped boot and fit securely with slight pressure on your fingers. 

The Z Boot is safe to wash with a gentle laundry detergents and can be rinsed with clean water. The ideal way to clean Z Boot is to use hot water in a bucket or washing container and let them soak for about 5 minutes to kill bacteria and to soften dirt or other materials that have attached to the fabric on the boot. Dish soap can be used in the hot water as well to further clean any contaminants. Rinse the boots with water to finalize the cleaning process and air dry.

Boots should be replaced if they are torn, ripped, or the straps have lost their ability to hold tight to fasten the boot to the horse’s leg. Worn boots can hold dirt or rocks that can scratch the horse’s leg and make it susceptible to infection and fungus. So, replace the boots when you start to see these signs.

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