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Shop the Shield Z Boot

Shop the Shield Z Boot

Injury and Overheating Protection

Unlike other horse boots, ours are specifically designed to prevent overheating and injury to your horse’s legs.

Most horse boots trap heat, causing excessive discomfort and potential injury to your horse.

Revolutionary Tech

• Cooling cells to prevent overheating.

• Revolutionary impact-resistant barrier for ultimate protection.


While horse boots are designed to protect from injury and interference, most boots have not been designed to protect against injury caused by overheating. During exercise skin temperature under boots or wraps increases significantly, sometimes more than 30% according to Dr. Simone Westermann, a researcher at the University of Veterinary Medicine.


Too much heat can damage tendon cells, as well” say’s Simone, “high heat can prevent sufficient oxygen from reaching tendon cells, which can lead to insufficient cell metabolism and overuse injuries.”

One study shows after five minutes of galloping, the core of Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon (SDFT) heats to 45°C (113°F ).

After one similar test of a five minute workout with the new Z Boot, the leg temperature was recorded at 81.8°F.

With traditional competitor boots, heat accumulates and is retained for a period after exercise stops, resulting in tendons progressively degenerating over time. Once damaged, the SDFT is shown to repair itself with tissue that is even less vascular than before – leading to a higher likelihood of re-injury. In addition, overheating can also lead to bacteria, fungus growth, and odor.

The high quality Z Boot helps protect your horse’s legs from injuries such as hoof strikes, collisions with jumps, scrapes or cuts and holds the tendons in place during stressful competition. Keep your horse’s legs at a healthy temperature while tracking temperatures on your smartphone in real time.

The Z Boot

Cooling cells help pull the heat from the horses’ tendons and ligaments to maintain a safe temperature
Revolutionary Impact-Resistant Barrier for ultimate protection
Sun shielding fabric keeps outdoor heat out while staying cooler within
A built-in Bluetooth temperature sensor that reports real-time temperatures to your smartphone

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